Bag-in-box case study

Viking Masek is a single-source supplier of primary and secondary packaging technologies. Complete packaging lines, such as Bag-in-box, are running all over the world. Viking Masek packaging lines are reliable, quick, safe and efficient.

Viking Masek Solution

  • Fully automated product infeed with product distribution
  • High-precision filling units
  • Continuous or intermittent motion VFFS machines
  • Bag counters with grouping units
  • High-speed endload cartoner
  • Check weigher
  • Metal detector
  • Outfeed conveyor


Both the Viking Masek cartoner and Viking Masek bagger are highly reliable machines. They are easy to operate and ensure consistent weight control and efficient speed. We count on it every day and it has never let us down.”

Jaroslav Caha, POEX Corp. production manager

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