Stickpack is modern and stylish bag for one portion packing of food and pharma products.

Use: coffee, sugar, pharmacy, instant beverages, food supplements, tea, spice, liquids, ketchup/mayo etc... 

Advantages: perfect bag for one portion packing, big capacity of machine in case of minimal demands for space 

Supplements: different types and shapes of sealing and different types of tear notch for easy opening of bags (tear notch, micro-perforation, laser perforation of foil) 


Related machines


Multi-line Stickpack machine ST400
Compact stickpack solution for web width up to 400mm.


Multi-line Stickpack machine ST600
Multilane stickpack machine for up to 600mm wide web


Multi-line Stickpack machine ST800
Stickpack machine up to 20 lanes, wit max. web width of 800mm.


Multi-line Stickpack machine ST1200
Multi-lane packaging machine with width of foil up to 1200 mm