Roller pallet conveyor
Empty pallet magazine
Interlayer magazine
Robotised palletiser
Pallet conveying system
Outfeed carton conveyors
Infeed carton conveyors
Multilane Robotised palletiser
Carton infeed conveyor
Wraparound machine
Pallet conveying system
Candy bar infeed conveyor
Cartoning Multi Functional Machine
Outfeed conveyor for manual packing
Outfeed conveying system
Fully Automated Customized Cartoning Solution

Fully Automated Customized Cartoning Solution


We are fully aware of the pressure that our customers are facing. We always do our best to avoid down time, to increase output, to reduce waste and to keep the use of energy to a minimum. We are committed to fulfilling the quality requirements of our customers with our machines and services.


Viking Masek Solution

  • Infeed conveyors
  • Grouping units
  • Wrap-around cartoners
  • Collating/stacking systems
  • Conveyor system
  • All-in-One top load carton system
  • Robotic loading
  • Case packing system 
  • Robotic palletizing