Packaging lines

Single machines to complete turn-key solutions – tailored to your needs. Be it food, pet-food, chemicals or pharma – you have the product, and we can offer you perfect packaging solution.

Packaging process

1. Filling

One of the most valuable result of our 50 years of experience in VFFS history, is the capacity to offer the best filling system required by your application.

2. Bagging

Viking Masek is a leading supplier of VFFS systems. The extent of our current product line and the ongoing innovations allow us to match a complete range of vertical form/fill/seal machines.

3. Handling

To assure single-source accountability, Viking Masek provides flexible product handling solutions for orienting, collating and transfering of a wide range of products into our cartoners.

4. Cartoning

Viking Masek builds world-class endload, topload and wrap-around cartoning machines for a wide range of speeds and carton styles.

5. Case-packing

Viking Masek offers both pre-formed case and wrap-around case-packers in combination with appropriate collators for everything from single-component packages to stacked and multiple-component packaging.

6. Palletizing

Viking Masek offers everything from tote to pallet including conventional and robotic palletizing units.