Test and demo center

Viking Masek Center for Packaging Machinery Excellence is one of the most modern and most equipped testing centers for packaging machinery.

Utilizing this test center, we can ensure that all our machines are fully functional prior to installation, tested in real conditions and 100% ready-to-go for real production. This also demonstrated our commitment of quality that all our customers across multiple industries reach the highest possible performance and reliability.

Viking Masek Center for Packaging Machinery Excellence includes

  • Testingfacility
  • Showroom
  • Laboratory
  • Cleantesting room
  • FAT rooms
  • R&D rooms

What we offer

  • Product testing
  • Film testing
  • Trainning
  • Machine demonstration
  • FAT
  • Carton trials
  • Integration of lines
  • Troubleshooting

We always have available machines for demonstration. Intermittent and continuous motion vffs machines, cartoners, multilane machines – stick pack and sachet, and variety of fillers (auger fillers, volumetric fillers, pumps, multihead fillers…) Bring us your product and film, and we will demonstrate you our machines in production.