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  • 50+ years of experience

    We offer our skills and years of experience in packaging industry.

  • 50+ years of experience

    We offer our skills and years of experience in packaging industry.

  • 50+ years of experience

    We offer our skills and years of experience in packaging industry.

  • 50+ years of experience

    We offer our skills and years of experience in packaging industry.

  • 50+ years of experience

    We offer our skills and years of experience in packaging industry.


    Nurenberg, Germany

    24.09. - 26.09.2024

    PPMA Show

    Birmingham, UK

    24.09 - 26.09. 2024

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Packaging into bags

Our know-how allows us to provide to our customers what we know the best: fast, flexible and reliable vertical baggers using the most up-to-date technology for guaranteed performance.

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Packaging into cartons

VikingMašek name is synonymous with high quality and high efficiency cartoning machines. Supplying world-class equipment to the fast moving consumer market, VikingMašek Lake has proven to be a leading supplier of both top load and end load cartoning machines including: continuous and intermittent endload cartoners, carton erectors, carton closers, case-packers and wrap-around cartoners. No matter if you want to go automatic or semi-automatic, we can offer you both. Starting from simple bag collators, semi automatic cartoning machines, up to fully automated lines.

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More impressive than the Viking Masek machine is the quality of Viking Masek´s service both during the sale and since startup.

Raul Stuchlík, Marlenka international CEO

One of the things that immediately impressed us was the Viking Masek machines were much more robust than anything we’d looked at.

Zdeněk Jahoda, Emco CEO

The Viking Masek team had the knowledge and ability to provide us with a packaging line that fit our specific packaging needs.

Vicente Filamer B. Rosell, MamaSita´s Manager

Our Viking Masek cartoning line has proven to be a high quality, efficient, steady machine that gives us more production and consistency than we ever anticipated.

Noam Kaplan, Matok Vekal President

All three of my Viking Maseks are reliable. They are easy to work on and have very few issues. I chose Viking Masek initially because they had good field service and I was new to stick packing. The field service and phone support is excellent. I have already bought three Viking Masek stick machines. My next stick pack machine will certainly be another Viking Masek.

Bob Shapiro, GSC Packaging President

Both the Viking Masek cartoner and Viking Masek bagger are highly reliable machines. They are easy to operate and ensure consistent weight control and efficient speed. We count on it every day and it has never let us down.

Jaroslav Caha, POEX Corp. Production Manager

The service and technical assistance offered by Viking Masek is excellent. When contacting Viking Masek, the service team is quick to respond and very knowledgeable.

Kim Zimmerman, Novozymes Biologicals Manufacturing Engineer

Our History

With worldwide network of sales, service and support VikingMašek belongs to the leaders of the market of packaging machines. VikingMašek develops intelligent packaging technology at the highest technological level, to meet the most stringent demands. That is why VikingMašek already today looks at tomorrow and beyond. Hence, the following points are very important for us

  • 1964

    Foundation of R&D Institute for Packaging Machinery in Vlasim

  • 1970

    Rudolf Masek joins the company

  • 1992

    Masek family buys 100% shares in the company

  • 1993

    Introduction of new company structure – Masek Packaging Machinery

  • 2001

    Acquisition of Vision Verpackungsmaschinen, GmbH (Germany)

  • 2006

    Foundation of co-packing facility A-Z Packaging

  • 2008

    Formation of Viking Packaging Technologies USA

  • 2010

    Formation of Viking Packaging Equipment Holland

  • 2011

    Opening of new production facility (over 10.000 m2)

  • 2011

    Introduction of Viking Masek brand name

  • 2012

    Formation of new division for cartoning machines

  • 2019

    Opening of new cartoning facility

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Since the foundation of the company in 1964, customer´s satisfaction has been VikingMasek´s highest priority. We achieve this goal by continuously improving the cost effectivness and performance of all our machines, as well as focusing on innovation for faster and more effective machines and new attractive bag styles.

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Jsme hrdým partnerem od roku 2019

VikingMašek`s machine portfolio makes us a single source for all your needs – from simple vffs machines, through product handling up to turn-key packaging and processing lines. Whether you are looking for a standard single machine or a customized solution, VikingMasek offers packaging equipment tailored to your requirements. VikingMašek. Future of packaging.