4-side sealed

Sachet, sometimes called 4-side sealed sachet or flat pouch, is a bag width all 4 side sealed. Extended advertisment space and easy case-packing/cartoning makes the sachet to be a perfect packet.

Industries: Coffee, sugar, drink mix, pharmaceutical, supplements, tea, herbs, spices, speciality food, liquids, paste, ketchup/mayonese, ...

Advantages:  trendy bag style for all types of single-serve applications. Extended advertisment space. Maximum bag output with a minimal machine footprint.

Add-ons: various seal patterns, seal shapes, easy open features (microperforation, tear notch, laser scoring), cartoning solutions, ...

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Multi-line Sachet machine SA300
Multilane sachet machine for up to 6 lanes and web width up to 600mm.


Multi-line Sachet machine SA600
Multilane sachet machine for up to 10 lanes and web width up to 1200mm.