Infeed conveyors

Modular belt, Stainless steel construction

CFM - Carton InClosing Unit

3 Flaps closing unit with Hot melt principle

CFM - Carton Erector

Single head execution

DSO11– Multilane Auger Filler

Servo driven

Out-feed conveyors

including additional custom made solutions

SA600 – Multilane Sachet machine

within 900 sachets/min

Sachet Cartoning

Sachet Cartoning


Viking Masek is one of the world´s most innovative manufacturers of primary and secondary packaging equipment. Working in close partnerships with our customers, we enable their brands to stand out on the shelf through eye-catching packaging.


Viking Masek Solution

  • Multilane servo driven auger filler
  • Multilane sachet machine
  • Carton erector
  • Conveyor system
  • Pick & Place loading unit with counting system 
  • Carton lift
  • Carton closer
  • Checkweigher